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    We are growth consultants. Owning a company is at times a lonely proposition. We work with your company to understand the process for successful habits. Using the concepts defined by the Entrepreneur Operating System, we provide a systematic approach to achieving the desired results.


    Looking for investment? We source capital through our own investment abd our network of investors. We will assist in putting together the plan for a fund raise while also building the business to ensure a viable entity. We love working with startups and look forward to hearing about your idea.

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    Kixsports LLC

    Mission: Improve your training

    Charlotte, NC


    At Kixsports LLC, we built an online sales structure, brought capital funding to the business, and established an inventory system to track and grow over the first few years. The brand provides innovative training materials to the soccer industry via website and retail channels.


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    Mission: Video Resume Platform

    Charlotte, NC


    Vloggedin is a project we were brought into in the earliest of stages. We established the budget and funding needs, developed the pitch deck, raised capital and worked with the development team to complete the site. We continue in the capacity of driving users to the site and maintaining the financial records of the company.

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    Happy Feet Charlotte

    Mission: To build brave, creative leaders through lessons in soccer.

    Charlotte, NC


    For Happy Feet, our team continues to offer a wide range of services including growth consulting, franchise acquisition, sales, marketing, financing, cash flow forecasting and back office operations.


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    True Cabinet LLC

    Mission: Quality Cabinets, Cheap

    For True Cabinets we took a startup concept through inception to create a foundation for a sustainable company. The long-term view of the owners is to develop this model into a franchise. We worked tirelessly with the ownership team to design their first showroom, create a financial model, provided growth capital, and built a system capable of scaling.


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    Kevin Garrison

    Entrepreneur, Accountant, Analytical

    The greatest compliment I receive is that I am not a normal accountant. My passion is taking an idea, developing a strategy and executing the plan. Having a numbers background I see issues differently than many startup owners and am able to access the value proposition compared to predictable business models.

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    Casey Carr

    Investment Banking, Strategic Solutions

    My goal is deliver quality relationships, vet a business model/idea and propose actionable solutions to difficult situations. With a passion for the sports community and an undeniable business instinct, the value of the two combined bring outstanding results.

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    Opening our Network

    Networking Connectors

    We believe the key to business success is working with individuals that share a common goal.  As advisors, we will open our networks to solve any problem an entity may be having.  

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